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Wooden Beads Bracelet with Cross Charm

Wooden Beads Bracelet with Cross Charm


A beautiful Olive Wood Beads Bracelet with pendant cross. Handmade in Bethlehem, the Holy Land. Threaded using an expandable wire to fit any adult wrist.

Step into the serene embrace of spirituality with our exquisite Olive Wood Beads Bracelet adorned with a Silver Cross, meticulously crafted in the sacred lands of the Holy Land.

Each bead tells a story of ancient tradition and reverence, hand-carved from the resilient olive wood trees that have stood witness to generations of faith. The natural grain of the olive wood lends a unique character to every bead, a testament to the enduring beauty of nature's artistry.

Nestled among these earthly treasures is a gleaming Silver Cross, a symbol of unwavering devotion and divine protection. Crafted with precision and adorned with intricate details, it serves as a tangible reminder of faith's guiding light.

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