Bring faith, spirit, and a piece of the holy land to your home. This holy land souvenir set comes with a gift of devotion and faith to use of keep as a spiritual keepsake. It has a sample of 4 relics from the Holy Land - Earth, Oil, Holy Water and incense. The set comes in a nice clear box! perfectly wrapped to be gifted. It contains olive oil and Frankincense from the Bethlehem. In the center of the box is handmade Olive Wood Crucifix Cross that gently bring the whole box all together. 


Why its an amazing gift:-
- Anointing Olive Oil pressed in Bethlehem for the sick and ill.
- Purified Holy Water from the one and only Jordan River.
- Holy Earth from the Bethlehem - resembles the Earth that Jesus walked on 
- Burn the frankincense and let the light aromatic smell purify your home. 


It can be used for home prayers, religious celebrations, sick visitations and as sacraments during time of hardship.

Product Dimensions:- 6 x 3.5 inches approx

Holy Water-Earth-Incense-Oil & Olive Wood cross


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