Rosary boxes are a wonderful way to store and protect the rosary. These splendid works of art display and protect your priceless rosary wonderfully. Our wooden rosary boxes are made from top quality olive wood and it is hand carved by the Christian artisans in Bethlehem. The top plate is cover plated silver - it is a carved plate of a boy & we also have it with a girl. The beauty and quality of the rosary box is top-notch, and it is sure to be a treasured possession for many years to come. The box is large enough to fit any standard size rosary. Its a beautiful box to store any type of jewelry.


 Product measurements:- 2.7 × 2.5 inches


No two olive wood items are identical due to the natural coloring of the olive wood. We hand select special olive wood branches to create all of our designs. Please note that The olive wood Color & Appearance may change from piece to another - The Heartwood of the Olive Tree is a cream or yellowish brown, with darker brown or black contrasting streaks. Color tends to deepen with age. Olive wood sometimes figured with curly or wavy grain, burl, or wild grain.

Olive Wood Rosary Box - Perfect gift for first communion and Confirmation


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