Set of Five Jerusalem Anointing Oils in an Orange box with Certificate. Box includes 5 Roll On Anointing Oils: Nard, Rose, Jasmine, Myrrh and Amber. 10 ML Each.

The primary component of anointing oil is pure, first-pressed olive oil. Building on the olive oil base, the product is then infused with essential oils extracted from herbs and flowers we read about in the Scriptures. These aromatic oils add a pleasing scent to the product, but the fragrant aspect goes much deeper than just stimulating the senses.

The word ‘anoint’ means to smear or rub with oil. To consecrate – set apart as holy – a person, place or object to GOD. Anointing oil represents sanctification, divine protection, and Christ’s power within us.

Unique Holy Land Souvenir for Family and friends, especially for the sick. Box Size: 5.5 X 4 Inch

Set of 5 Anointing Oils Nard Rose Jasmine Myrrh Amber - Orange Box


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