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"But I, like an olive tree in the house of God, trust in God's faithful love forever."
Psalms 52:8

Welcome to our online store. You will be pleased with the products we sell.  The unique, golden wood has growth rings of varying darker shades of color.  The woodcarver considers the grain, and makes it serve his purposes.  The finished product is a sublime figure which tames the strength and beauty of the Mediterranean by the religious expression of the woodcarver.  This is an expression of Christianity itself:  the previously unformed raw material is transformed into a thing of great worth and beauty by the hand of the Artist.

Thousands of Christians are able to travel to the Holy Land to more sensuously experience and vividly picture the biblical stories in their minds, but many, many more cannot.  Whether you have made a pilgrimage to the sites associated with Jesus, or whether you have not, Holyland Carvings is able to bring pieces of the Holy Land to you.  Our olive wood carvings are inspirational conversation pieces in your own home or gifts that are appropriate for such occasions as Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, birthdays, and house-warmings. 


What could be better than to hold your hand out to Christian families who are less fortunate than you are?

Holy Land Carvings is committed to donate profits from the sale of our olivewood carvings to Christian families in Bethlehem. To learn more about our mission, please read the About Us page. 











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