This Holy Family Statue is made of Grade A Olive wood in Bethlehem by the best Christian artisans. The Blessed mother is holding baby Jesus in her arms as St. Joseph looks over. This Statue Keep the Holy Family, protector of the family and homes, with you at all times. This Holy Family figurine shares a message of peace and togetherness. God gave us family, and it was good.


Product Dimensions: 5" X 3"


Remarkable Holy Family piece that's carved inside of an olive tree branch. It has a very simple design but it takes an imagination to create! This marvelous design is so unique and can be displayed in any room, office, or gifted during any holiday!


Please note that no two olive wood items are identical due to the natural coloring of the olive wood.

Wooden Holy Family Figurine Carved inside an Oval Shape Olive Tree Branch


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