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Olive Wood Nativity Set - Nativity Scene for Christmas Faceless Figurines

Olive Wood Nativity Set - Nativity Scene for Christmas Faceless Figurines


A signature original Olive wood Nativity scenes carved out of an Olive wood tree branch. The artist kept the branch with the bark untouched to give it an original feel of the Olive tree. The pieces inside are faceless - with very minimal details. The artist wanted to achieve a clean simple look without taking away the beauty of the tree features it self! It is truly a one of a kind piece because no 2 branches look alike! 


The stable includes Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus in his crib and two sheep. Figurines are not attached to the cave and you can move them the way you want. What's really unique about this piece is that the artist was able to carve the little figures from the left over wood that he carved to create the manger. So None of the olive wood went to waste. One of our top seller during Christmas!


Nativity Dimensions: 
Cave: 8.2" Wide X 5" Long X 3.5" Deep
Figurines Height: Joseph 3.2", Mary2.5"


This beautiful Olive Wood Nativity Set has been handcrafted by some of the most brilliant and fantastic Christian artisans who put much time and effort into their work. This masterpiece was crafted directly in the Holy Land, which gives it added meaning.


Please note that the shape of the nativity/manger might be slightly different from the picture because there is no two olive wood items are identical due to the natural coloring and shape of the olive wood.

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